About Kiddies Kapers

Our Philosophy and goals

  • Our Director / Teachers are all experienced Early Childhood/Infants Primary Personnel who programme each day for the specific needs of the childern and encourage them to participate in a wide range of activities.
  • We aim to develop in children the capacity to think, create and cooperate so that they can learn to cope with daily situations and prepare for school.
  • Kiddies Kapers preschool is a supplement to home, not an alternative¬†and we encourage parents and staff to work together towards developing the wellbieng of the child.
Our goal is to create a caring community of people whose purpose is to provide quality care.

To achieve this goal, the centre aims to create a place;

  • Which is warm and welcoming
  • Where children’s development is respected, observed, enjoyed and enhabced through a developmentally and culturally appropriate pragram;
  • Where children are encouraged to be creative and caring;
  • Where the physical wellbeing of all members of the centre is a priority;
  • Where love and quality care is given to every individual child attending the centre.
We welcome you and your child and hope that your child will enjoy a social, educative and happy atmosphere at Kiddies Kapers!